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So I think Mad T Party should have throwback Thursdays next summer and sing some old songs every Thursday. Yes? Can this be a thing? Please?

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Hey if anyone wants to know the zombie t songs I wrote them down…

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Warning to all woman at Mad T Party


This guy has no regard for other people and does not care about others’ personal space. This is compounded when he drinks a lot, and is not aware of people around him while intoxicated. He will lean into you (sometimes inappropriately) and not move when asked

Here is a side view of him.


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raure-n musicalmadmuchierme

Listening to PYT and all that comes to mind is mtp. And my cries. RIP, PYT…

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You might be hurt ba*snaps*be.

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Rumor has I that there will be new things at T today…

I am interested to know what they are….

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Jagger Hare

Is cool… I guess…jk he’s pretty great.

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